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The world we live in is facing two major problems with shoes. The first is that our landfills are getting jam packed with shoes that we are throwing away on a daily basis. It's no secret that the creation of athletic shoes requires large amounts of petroleum. "With a few rare exceptions, such as bamboo-enhanced sock liners, our shoes are made exclusively from heavily processed crude oil. We're wearing gushers." (Runners World. The Runners Footprint, Nov, 2008, P 67). Given this reality, the need to make donated shoes available for reuse or recycling is evident, though by some estimates only one in 100 pairs are recycled annually.

It doesn't

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The second major issue is there are millions of people in under developed countries that don't have shoes or jobs. Without shoes these people catch deadly diseases through their feet, and without jobs, there's no way to make a living. Many companies have tried to fix the shoe problem by offering free shoes to these countries. By offering free shoes these companies unintentionally undercut the existing markets in underdeveloped countries, forcing many people to lose jobs. What local shoe salesman can compete with free shoes?

Here's WHat

we do

The GreenSneakers program is unique and effective in that it helps fund local charities but ultimately impacts people in need around the world. By collecting used tennis shoes in this land, we at GreenSneakers can make them available as affordable footwear in developing countries. This activity enhances economic development and sustainability both domestically and abroad, but also plays an active role in job creation and preventing diseases.

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We're not just fighting for shoes, we're fighting to maintain our earth. When your organization participates in a GreenSneakers fundraiser, you are doing more than helping a local charity. Your efforts provide an opportunity for economic prosperity to some of the poorest people on the planet, all through the reuse of unwanted tennis shoes. If we start working together, we can truly help people, our planet, and your cause. Help us today!